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Tillerson: Two State Solution ‘the Dream Everyone Is in Pursuit Of’
‘Whether it could ever be a reality remains to be seen’

KAINE: "I assume you support the U.S. position that has been in place since the 1940s to do what we can even if it is hard to promote a two state solution in Israel and Palestine with a Jewish state of Israel and an independent state of Palestine living peacefully side by side. And that is the dream that we hope for that region and I assume that you support that." 
TILLERSON: "I don’t think anyone would take a position that they don’t hope for peace in that area and for the issues to be ultimately resolved." 
KAINE: "And peace within the context of a two state solution as was determined by the U.N. and it's been the bipartisan policy of the United States since the late 1940s." 
TILLERSON: "I think that is the dream that everyone is in pursuit of. Whether it could ever be a reality remains to be seen."

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