Sen. Kaine and Tillerson Have Testy Exchange on Climate Change

‘Do you lack the knowledge to answer the question or are you refusing to answer the question?’

TILLERSON: "Senator, since I’m no longer with ExxonMobil I’m in no position to speak on their behalf. The question will have to be put to them." 
KAINE: "I’m not asking you to speak on ExxonMobil's behalf. You were with the company for nearly 42 years?"
TILLERSON: "That is correct." 
KAINE: "And for the majority of your time you were with the company in an executive and management position?" 
TILLERSON: "Approximately half of the time." 
KAINE: "And you became CEO in 2006?"
TILLERSON: "Correct."
KAINE: "So I’m not asking you on the behalf of ExxonMobil. You've resigned from ExxonMobil. I'm asking you whether those allegations about ExxonMobil's knowledge of climate science and decision to fund and promote a view contrary to its awareness of the science, whether those allegations are true or false." 
TILLERSON: "The question would have to be put to Exxon Mobil."
KAINE: "Do you lack the knowledge to answer my question or are you refusing to answer the question?"
TILLERSON: "A little of both."

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