Tucker Carlson: Hollywood Seems to Hate Its Customers, It’s Why It’s in Trouble

‘Do they understand their customers?’

CARLSON: "Yeah, we are. I agree with everything you said. Whenever privileged people act like victims, though, it annoys me so much. I think there are a couple deeper questions worth exploring. The first — I’m not going it’s to defend a Trump come he can defend himself, he’s got Twitter — the first is, Hollywood is a business, a mass-market retail business. Do they understand their customers? They seem to hate them, which is striking to me, that is one of the reasons Hollywood is in trouble financially. The second question, how they learned anything from the election? You, me, everyone paused and said, what it does mean, I didn’t expect this to happen. They haven’t. They retreated in on themselves under side of the rest of the country is evil and that is the explanation. I don’t think it is worth batting around."

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