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Tucker Grills Glenn Beck: Because Cruz Lost and Trump Won, ‘Did It Shake Your Faith?’
‘What spiritual lessons did you take from that?’

CARLSON: "I think I remember it pretty well. You said you’d been praying for and with Ted Cruz and you had heard that you believed God had called him forward at this time. My question is really simple. I’m not attacking you, I’m just wondering. Because he didn’t win and Trump did win, did it shake your faith and what spiritual lessons did you take from that?"
BECK: "No, none. I think that all of us are called by God. You know this. All of us are called by God to do certain things and sometimes those things mean just take a stand. It doesn’t mean that what you think is going to work out works out. You are called for this time. I happen to believe that all of us were called at this time to take a stand in the republic and to do the right thing."

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