Dobbs: How Long Will It Take Dems to Realize They Look Foolish Trying to Stop Trump?

‘How long will it take for them to understand President Trump means to make America great again’

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DOBBS: "A few thoughts to President-Elect Trump’s top priority, jobs. Hitting car makers for moving production south of the border, and doing something about it, Mexico has trade agreements with more than 4 countries, now we’re seeing an about-face from some car makers, Toyota investing $10 billion in this country over the next 5 years in the new Texas headquarters and improvement to some of its 10 plant, fiat Chrysler investing a billion to modify some of its plants. Hire 700 American workers, car makers not only companies rushing to invest in American workers, technology and telecommunications following trump’s lead as well. We have seen moving from sprint, and one web in day trump was elected, president-elect discussing job creation today with CEO of luxury giant lvmh, and Alibaba Jack Ma. Trump already shown he is serious and effective in his effort to bring jobs back to America, the wave of job creation, and investment he is unleashed will only grow under his leadership as president. Real question now is, how long will it take the Democrats on Capitol Hill to figure out how foolish they look, and sound trying to stop the Trump movement and its accomplishments. How long will it take for them to understand President Trump means to make America great again. Now the quotation of the evening from Ronald Reagan. Who said, you can’t be for big government, big taxes and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy. The Democrats are understanding how true that is."

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