Tommy Kilbride: Harry Reid ‘Should Be Ashamed of Himself’ for Blocking Kate’s Law

‘I’m hoping that Chuck Schumer steps up and gets on board with the president elect and Congress and passes this bill’


KILBRIDE: "You know, politics, straight politics. Because what happens is -- and I’ve locked up 2500 of them, illegal reentries which is exactly what this bill targets over the 15 years that I sent in the U.S. marshals fugitive task force. You know, my partner and I, Commander Lenny DePaul, we traveled all over the country to lock up 2500. What happens is a judge, federal judge can sentence them to whatever they want and you get a liberal judge, like here in New York and sometimes they’ll give them 10 months, 15 months, 20 months when it can be sentenced up to 20 years. So, it’s about time that the minimum is five years. You know, Harry Reid should be ashamed of himself. I’m hoping that Chuck Schumer steps up and gets on board with the president-elect and Congress and passes this bill."

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