Peters: ‘God Bless the BBC’ for the ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’

‘It really does have an effect’

PETERS: "This is extremely effective because it makes the women who flock to ISIS look like absolute fools and dunces. It's great. It's artfully done. It’s daringly done. Take no prisoners, sort of Monty Python meets Aristophanes. I just wish we could do something like this. Instead, what we do is our government issues these carefully worded 'don’t offend anybody' legalistic arguments about why a 19-year-old shouldn't delight in killing and raping, whereas you get something like this. God bless the BBC for doing it. It really does have an effect. It plays into communities that are saying, 'Oh, man, that's so stupid. You don’t want to do that.' It really, really has an effect. Entertainment matters. As the Golden Globes would tell you, too. I’m 1'' percent for this. I wish we could do it, but here the atmosphere of political correctness is just too pervasive. The Brits still have that brutal sense of humor that comes out."

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