Joe Scarborough to Female Journalists: Leave Monica Lewinsky Alone

‘You’re pathetic, and if you have young daughters, you should be ashamed of yourself’

SCARBOROUGH: "You know, my rule has long been, do not talk about impeachment. Do not talk about anything surrounding impeachment. It's like don't talk about the start of the Iraq war. There's just some things you leave behind. In this case though, I've got to say, how old is he, 52, 53? She's like 22. She was like 23, 22. Really? They're giving him, still, by attacking her -- who stayed quiet all these years -- they're attacking her -- I don't know -- in defense of him? I don't get it. i don't get it at all. I just --"
BRZEZINSKI: "And let me just say one last thing. Can you can imagine what it must have been like to have yourself all over the Internet like that -- because the Internet was just taking off, the Drudge Report, and everything, and just terms of social media really spreading the word and just ripping her to shreds. I know kids in small local communities that can be taken from literally from straight 'A's because of a text that went bad or a picture that went bad. Can you imagine the hell that this girl went through? I think she can write an article about it."
PANELIST: "She's clearly tormented and people are making fun of it. but she essentially has been publicly bullied for decades."
BRZEZINSKI: "'Monica, close her mouth and disappear' -- Andrea Peyser? Really? Come on."
SCARBOROUGH: "I mean, I wonder if that's one of the female columnists daughters worked -- had a daughter who worked for an extraordinarily powerful man who is in her early 20s and the man was in his 50s. And the man preyed on their young daughter --"
BRZEZINSKI: "A person would not write that article."
SCARBOROUGH: "Their young daughter in her early 20s was preyed upon by a really powerful man -- the most powerful man in the world in their 50s -- I wonder if they would be attacking the 22-year-old or the most powerful man in the world? I think these women, if any of them are mothers, would not be attacking the woman who was preyed upon. But for some reason -- and, again, you don't want to bring it up -- but for some reason, this is what went on in the 1990s. You want to know what's in my head all the time? This is what went on in the 1990s. The guy who acted horrifically, the guy who -- not only Monica Lewinsky but a lot of other people -- he got a free pass. His approval ratings went up in the 60s. And I learned when that train was coming just come by and let it pass, because. There's nothing to said. He always got free passes. He's still getting free passes. For anybody who has a daughter that has anything to do with these attacks on Monica Lewinsky, ask yourself what you would do if your daughter who lived in shame and was a punchline for 18 years. And after 18 years actually spoke for the first time while the man who did what he did to a young woman was a rock stars to end all rock stars. And years later, this is not about Bill Clinton. We all believe in forgiveness. OK, he's been forgiven. This, by the American people, this -- this should be about the women who are piling on Monica Lewinsky this morning. If it were your daughter, what would you do? If it were or daughter, what would you do? It's was disgrace then, it's a disgrace now. And I can't believe I had to go back to the 1990s and talk about this. Because I swore I would never talk about it again."
BRZEZINSKI: "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it."
SCARBOROUGH: "Because you know what, this happened in the 1990s. Forget about her. Forget about her. Talk about Juanita Broderick. Talk about all these other women, again, I believe in forgiveness, et cetera, et cetera. Why is it that even in 2014 it is the women who are turned into the bad guys? I never got it. I still don't get it. And all these years later, there are females going out protecting Bill Clinton from his horrific act."
BRZEZINSKI: "Hugging him, thinking he's the greatest thing."
SCARBOROUGH: "I'm about to pass out now. Again, I wouldn't bring it up. As you joke around a whole lot, Bill Clinton and I have made up. We're friendly. We're even nice to each other."
BRZEZINSKI: "Oh, my gosh."
SCARBOROUGH: "This is not about Bill Clinton. This is about the women who are eviscerating Monica Lewinsky, who, Willie, as you said, for 18 years was quiet. And by the way, lived a life of shame. And her entire existence, her entire existence reduced to a punch line. And she stays quiet -- shows a lot of dignity -- a lot more dignity than people who preyed upon her who tried to turn her into a slut or a nut? A 22-year-old daughter, really? And now, they're coming out and kicking her in the face. Please, you all are sick. And you're sick in the '90s -- you women's rights, you're sick in the '90s. You went around, you defended the wrong person time and time again whether it was Juanita Broderick, whether it was Monica Lewinsky -- you defended him. And you are doing it 18 years later. You're pathetic. If you have young daughters, you should be ashamed of yourself. I swear to god I will not talk about this for another 20 years. Go ahead, Willie."
BRZEZINSKI: "I'm glad you did."
SCARBOROUGH: "Seriously, I'm so angry right now I'm shaking. I still can't believe the way he was treated in the 1990's. And it was always the women, the victims, and these people come out, and have the nerve to come out after defending him -- after defending him, claiming to come out, wanting support women and protect women. Women's rights -- unless we're protecting it, really, really powerful man who agrees with our side politically."
BRZEZINSKI: "Anyone disagree?"
SCARBOROUGH: "Swear to god, I'm going to pass out."

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