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Steel Workers Pres.: There Should Be a ‘Big Duty’ on American Goods Coming over the Border
‘We’re in a trade war now, man’


GERRARD: “I’m making the point that these trade deficits have cost us industrial jobs and they forced wages to be flat, and a lot of workers, voted for change. They voted for something new.” 
VITTERT: “Mr. Trump said he’s going to deliver on that. Bring jobs back. He took on carrier, and, Ford, and, Lockheed-Martin and Toyota will build a new plant in Baja, Mexico. Build U.S. Or a new tax. You’re in favor of a big tariff tax.”
GERRARD: “Let me tell you what our union has done. To his credit, Trump ran on the steel worker agenda. This is the stuff we’ve been saying for 30 years. If he wants to repeal and replace NAFTA, we’re going to help him. And China, and, carrier, if they make furnaces in Indiana, and, move it to Mexico then bring them back, you’re darn right there should be a big duty.” 

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