Rubio: Hacking Did Not Affect the Election One Way or the Other

‘They did not hack the election voting system’


RUBIO: "I say three things. I recalled back in October when I was on the ballot and the revelations came out, I refused to discuss Wikileaks. I do not believe Donald Trump was elected because of this. I don’t believe it tipped it one way or the other. Number 2, they did not hack the election voting system. Number 3, there’s no doubt in my mind and never has been a doubt in my mind that it was the Russian government under the Putin government and undertook active measures to influence and/or manipulate American public opinion and to sow chaos in our electoral question. Now you look at today, there’s some Democrats questioning the president-elect and the president-elect questioning the intelligence. That sounds what Russia was trying to do, interfering with the process there and that is part of their aim here. I’ve never had any doubt about that."

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