Kaine on Hillary Attending Inauguration: Will ‘Be a Day of Huge Mixed Emotions’

‘Hillary Clinton is a great lover of our country and traditions and that’s why she and her husband are going to be here’


KAINE: “You know, I -- look, I’m sure it's going to be a day of huge mixed emotions. It is the case that the peace transfer of power is one of the great home arts of our society. I lived as a young man in a military dictatorship in Honduras where people didn’t get to pick their leaders and there wasn’t a peaceful transfer of power for a period of time, and I learned how wonderful it is that we have this tradition. It's not something we can take for granted. So, well, she'll have a lot of feelings, a lot of what ifs, I'm sure -- Hillary Clinton is a great lover of this country and a lover of our traditions and that’s why she and her husband are going to be here.” 

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