Lindsey Graham: Trump Citing Assange on Hacking ‘Very Disturbing’

‘Mr. Assange is a fugitive from the law, hiding in an embassy, who has a history of undermining American interests’

Lindsey Graham: Trump citing Assange on hacking 'very disturbing' (Politico)

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a leading Republican critic of Donald Trump’s refusal to accept that Russian hackers meddled in the presidential election, said Wednesday that “it’s very disturbing” that the president-elect is citing WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to justify his skepticism.

Graham, speaking to CNN late Wednesday morning, reiterated that he has “no doubt” that Russia is behind the hacks on Democratic Party officials’ emails during the campaign and torched Assange, whose website published the messages.

The emails repeatedly embarrassed Hillary Clinton, and U.S. intelligence officials say that Russia hacked them to disrupt the election, some believe in an attempt to help Trump.

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