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Charlie Crist Praises Trump’s 35 Percent Tariff: ‘The Concept Is a Good One, the Spirit of It Is on the Mark’
‘Whatever we can do to help the middle class in our country we need to do it together’

TAPPER: "It sounds to me like what I'm hearing here is that the Republicans here are talking about an overall change in the tax code to make things more hospitable for businesses, but not necessarily a full-throated embracing of this 35 percent tax. What about you?"
CRIST: "Well, I think that the concept is a good one. I think the spirit of it is on the mark. I think what's most important, however, is that, you know, we've got two Republicans and two Democrats here. And I think the most important thing, at least that I heard, in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida was look, Charlie, if you win, you guys have got to work together up there to do what's right for the American people because they've had it up to here with the divisiveness and the arguing. And so whatever it is that we come to to help American workers get back to work and help the middle class and our country, we need to do it together and do it in a spirit of cooperation."

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