Blackburn: With Trump You’ll See a More ‘Holistic Approach’ to the Economy and Jobs

‘It’s a simple approach but it works and Donald Trump will take it’

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TAPPER: "I want to ask you, when I asked Speaker Ryan about this he kind of pushed back a little bit. He said that his answer is not tariffs, not trade wars but tax reform as you heard congressman Issa suggest."
BLACKBURN: "What you’ll see a more holistic approach and looking at creating the environment for jobs growth to take place. And that’s going to mean working and pulling back, pulling back some of these rules and regulations that lead to our products being anti-competitive. And so as you look at the entire agenda on jobs and jobs growth, jobs retention and bringing jobs back and manufacturing back it’s going to be more holistic, less regulation, less taxation, Leslie ti investigation, and that will lead you to innovation and job creation. It’s a simple approach but it works and Donald Trump will take it."

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