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Krauthammer on Obama Land Grab: He ‘Sees Himself as the God Hovering Over the Country Dispensing Goodies’
‘You have to ask yourself, if this is such a great idea, then why didn’t he just nationalize all of Nevada and all of Utah?’

KRAUTHAMMER: "On all of these issues, go back to the settlement vote, go back to the arctic shutting and the Atlantic, Guantanamo, releasing the next to land handful, he is doing these things that have been rejected by his own party. Then he doesn’t have the courage of his own convictions, getting them done to lock in his successor. It’s very anti-democratic. I don’t know about the merits of the case. I would imagine that allowing mixed use and some exploration would be a good thing for the country. But Obama sees himself as the God hovering over the country dispensing goodies to the extent that he has control. He figures, I’ve got control here. No one can stop me."

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