Wadhams: Trump Can Undo Obama’s Actions on Russia Because They’ve Been Done by Exec. Order

‘You really have to sort of weigh the proportionality of the response and that’s really been the focal point of the debate within the administration’

WADHAMS: "So much of the Obama Administration’s actions against Russia, particularly sanctions, have been done by executive order, so yes, if President-elect Trump decides he doesn’t want those he can just undo the executive order. If, however, you’re doing things like covert action, erasing hard drives or exposing, for example, where some of the hackers operate on the dark web, sort of bringing them out in the open, that’s something that cannot be undone. Or if you, for example, release evidence that shows that the hackers that were behind some of these attacks are directly linked to military intelligence, so sort of bringing out, making the case, 'Here’s the evidence we have for how this happened.' That’s something that could not be undone and would be a direct counter to President-elect Trump’s claim that, you know, we don’t really know if the Russians were involved or not." 

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