Lisa Boothe: Obama Will ‘Go out a Coward’ Who ‘Made the World Less Safe’

‘He will go out a coward and a coward on the world stage and a coward that made the world less safe ultimately’

KENNEDY: "Lisa Boothe, what can Israel expect from a changing of the guard at the White House, from a new administration that has grown to be very pro-Israel over the last few months?" 
BOOTHE: "I think an administration that supports our friends and not our enemies, which is not what we've seen under President Obama. I think he will really go out a coward. He will go out a coward on the world stage and a coward that has made the world less safe ultimately. As Ambassador John Bolton wrote in The Wall Street Journal, 'This isn’t stabbing Israel in the back. It's stabbing Israel in the front.'" 

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