Matthews: Don't Blame the Obama Administration for Benghazi; Blame Chris Stevens

'Chris Stevens was a grown-up, a serious professional of sound mind. He decided to go out there to that risky facility that night'

Chris Matthews Thinks It's 'A Little Ridiculous' to Blame Obama Admin for Benghazi Security (NewsBusters)

MSNBC's Chris Matthews ranted on Thursday's Hardball that "it's a ridiculous" to hold the Obama administration culpable for the lack of security around the Benghazi compound during the September, 2012 attacks.

"But the idea that somebody else should have been covering for him [Ambassador Chris Stevens], that someone else should have the army there waiting to defend him, I think it's a little ridiculous," Matthews insisted. "How would the President even know he [Stevens] was going on that trip out there to Benghazi?

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