Sean Duffy on Russia Retaliation: This Is Obama Trying to Find a ‘Scapegoat’ for Election Losses

‘He’s blamed Fox News, now he wants to blame Russia’

DUFFY: "This is not about putting Barack Obama in a box or actually responding to Russia. Barack Obama has been weak with Russia. Look at the Russian reset, Crimea, Syria, Ukraine. This is about Barack Obama trying to find a scapegoat for his election losses. He’s blamed Fox News, now he wants to blame Russia. What, so eight years he’s been weak on Russia and the last 24 days of his presidency he’s now going to get a backbone and try to push back with sanctions that he can't even implement because he's going to be out of office. This is foolish. It doesn't make any sense. Let the new Congress come in, let Donald Trump come in and let's work together and deal with Russia as a new government.”

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