Conservative Columnists on Trump’s Businesses: A Blind Trust Is Appropriate

‘You can’t have a presidency for profit’

BENSON: "Well, sure. Yeah. I mean, because we were saying all along conservatives were saying and in the case against Hillary Clinton, you can't have a State Department for profit and all this double dealing and you can't have a presidency for profit either. So I understand the little statement, the cute statement the DNC put out about the wilted fig leaf. As far as the foundation goes, this is the appropriate move from The trump people. The A.G. here can do whatever they want. Although they turned a blind eye to a lot of the Clinton stuff because is he a Democrat. That being said, the next step is what happens with the businesses and how can he disentangle himself from the business interests. Those should not be partisan questions. We were supposed to here details this month. It got punted to next month. That's fine. Let's hear what the Trump people come up with. I hope it's something like a blind trust that is appropriate."

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