Trump Supporter: Obama Was So out of Touch and Tone Deaf Throughout the Whole Election

‘When he’s laying forth this optimistic view of the world he has created — it’s so far out of touch’


McENANY: "I do relish the Democrats sticking with the plan because I think it’s an awful plan and one that will ensure they’ll continue losing for a very long time. You know, the president — President Obama has a point he is popular, more popular than Hillary Clinton. That’s for certain. So, you know, there is that. I do think he would have been a more viable contender. What I have a problem with, what I think a lot of Americans were very confused by when they watched this interview with David Axelrod is when President Obama said, we bleed with these communities, we feel for these communities, and he was so out of touch and tone deaf to me throughout this whole election, take, for instance, his last press conference where he spent the first few minutes saying this is what I have done for you, when he stood up at that rally, his first rally with Hillary Clinton and said, hey, pat me on the back, thanks, Obama, your gas prices are better, something to that effect. When he’s laying forth this optimistic view of the world he has created — it's so far out of touch."

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