Cardona Responds to Trump Supporter’s ‘Unfair’ Claim on Blind Trust: ‘I Think the Kids Can Survive!’

‘I don’t think their livelihood is in question here’

‘I Think the Kids Can Survive!’: Democrat Responds to Trump Supporter’s ‘Unfair’ Claim on Blind Trust (Mediaite)

During a panel discussion today on CNN, CNN political commentators Maria Cardona and Kayleigh McEanany tussled a bit over concerns about conflicts of interest when it comes to President-elect Donald Trump’s businesses and family.

Regarding recent news that the incoming POTUS has announced that he will be dissolving the Trump Foundation, Cardona said that it was a “wee first baby step” but that she’d like to see him focus more on his businesses. The Democratic strategist also took some shots at the charitable foundation, claiming it didn’t do a whole lot of charity work and highlighting the time it was used to buy a portrait of Trump.

McEnany, a Trump supporter, weighed in on Trump separating himself from his businesses, stating that his lawyers will lay out a detailed plan to separate him as “much as he can be.” She added that she thinks it is “unfair to ask him to put the Trump Organization in a blind trust” because it could deprive his children “of their livelihoods and jobs.”

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