MSNBC: Obama Will Be Remembered for His Inability To Work with Congress

Tyler: ‘It’s hard to know how Obama’s legacy will age’


TYLER: "It's hard to know how Obama's legacy will age. I do see it as a lot of loss potential. Michael mentioned LBJ who had worked with -- he was a deal maker, right? He's working with Congress --" [crosstalk]
TYLER: "-- all the time to get things done and to get things passed. And Barack Obama didn't do that. He didn't have a good relationship with the Congress. Certainly not the Republicans. And not even the Democrats."
SCARBOROUGH: "By the way, he didn't have a good relationship with the Democrats."
TYLER: "No, there was --"
SCARBOROUGH: "That's why -- but you know, when people who don't understand what's been happening behind the scenes eight years, go well the Republicans just wanted to stop him. Talk to senior democratic senators from day one who said the guy just didn't have a relationship with us."

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