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MSNBC’s Ali Velshi: Climate Change Denial a ‘Weirdly American Phenomenon’
‘For the second year in the row, Arctic temperatures are going to be freakishly warm’

VELSHI: "You go to Europe and northern — even the Chinese understand as they build their power plants, and many of them are still coal, they understand that they want more wind and solar and where they can get them. They just need more power so they're using coal. This is a weirdly American phenomenon."
NYE: "Oh, yeah, it really is. It's unique to the United States. Yes, there are some deniers in Britain and so on, but mostly — the thing for me, as a guy, I grew up in the United States, I'm an engineer from the United States, I got my degree here and I got my license here and I worked here in engineering. It just gets me down. United States is not the world leader in this."

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