Byron York: Boeing Meeting Shows the ‘Power of Trump’s Use of Twitter’

‘Every time he tweets something, it is instantly megaphoned in other social media and in the press’

YORK: "This shows you the power of Trump’s use of Twitter. Back in the campaign, if you remember, Trump had about 11 million Twitter followers. Now it’s well over 17 million. So that’s a lot of people he reaches just that way, and then every time he tweets something it is instantly megaphoned in other social media and in the press. A lot of reporters write what Trump just said on Twitter. It’s actually a very effective way of communicating. Obviously, Trump's gotten himself in some trouble occasionally with Twitter but in this case, and also in the case of the F-35, the very troubled combat jet, Trump’s use of Twitter seems to have indicated he’s signaling a desire to cut down on Pentagon waste." 

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