Daily Beast’s Weiss: Lone Wolf Attacks Have a Link Back to ISIS

‘There is a misconception about the lone wolf and self radicals’

WEISS: "Yes there were. And you are talking about the Schengen visa free border system in Europe here. This person could have gone to Poland, to Austria. We don't know. And 24 hours is a long time to quit a city like Berlin. And if all of the focus was on this one suspect, who for all intents and purposes looks like he didn't do it, you let him go. That's taking your eye off everybody else. We don't know. There is a misconception about the lone wolf and self radical -- actually a lot at first blush look like lone wolf attacks, not coordinated,  actually they do have a link back to an ISIS cell or an ISIS apparatus in Raqqah or elsewhere in the Middle East. So this could very well be the case that they needed this guy to make a safe exit and exit the release of the crime. Because if he's captured and if he is in an ISIS cell then suddenly the intelligence is much more valuable."

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