Ben Ferguson: Calling Trump Supporters ‘Angry White Men’ Is Bad Strategy for Dems

‘If he’s smart about this moving forward — He’ll stop talking about this — wish Donald Trump well’

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FERGUSON: "I think Bill Clinton should have taken actually a point and learned from what Hillary Clinton said the day after. This doesn't do any good. And also, to go after Donald Trump supporters and say that they are just a bunch of angry white men is a bad strategy for Democrats moving forward because that was what they said the entire campaign and it came back to bite them in the rear end. If he's smart about this moving forward he'll stop talking about this, wish Donald Trump well, do what Bush 43 did, walk away from the White House and literally don't comment or undermine the next president. You see, that's why there's good rapport with George Bush 43 and Barack Obama, even talking about their transitions and how smooth they were."

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