Collins: ‘Thank Heavens’ Americans Elected Trump So ‘We Are Not Going to Have Refugees Coming In’

‘We are not just going to open our borders and hope that somebody coming in is not a terrorist’


COLLINS: "Well, it comes back to securing the borders and I -- I think America now realizes that President-elect Trump in saying we are going to make sure that those coming from the -- the dangerous parts of the world, we know who they are, call it extreme vetting, we are not just going to open our borders and -- and hope that somebody coming in is not a terrorist. So thank heavens that America has selected President-elect Trump to make sure that we are going to put America first, put the safety of Americans first. And certainly Merkel in Germany is facing certain level of scrutiny over her open borders policy, thank heavens Donald Trump is the exact opposite, putting America security first and foremost and we are not going to have refugees coming in, unless we know with a 100 percent certainty." 

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