State Dept.: ‘We Are Still Committed’ to a Two State Solution

‘The next administration will have to make decisions’


KIRBY: "Everybody says that they want to see a two state solution, a viable two state solution. We are still committed to that. Secretary Kerry is still committed to that and we're going to continue to work on it. And because we think it is obviously for the betterment not only of the Israeli people and the Palestinians but for the whole region. Now, the next administration will have to make decisions. That’s really  for them to speak, to them to decide and for their ambassador designate to work through the confirmation process. You know, and I -- I certainly wouldn’t speak for the Senate with respect to that. But, all I can tell you is that our policy has been consistent with that of so many previous administrations. We still believe a viable two state solution is possible but it requires leadership, it requires compromise, it requires solid decisions by leaders in the region. And thus far it’s been a struggle to see those leaders make those kinds of tough decisions."

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