SNL Goes Full ‘Love Actually’ on Elector: Trump ‘Will Kill Us All’

The whole thing ends with Clinton warning that if the elector doesn’t, Trump ‘will kill us all’

SNL’s Hillary Clinton Goes Full ‘Love Actually’ on Elector: Trump ‘Will Kill Us All’ (The Daily Beast)

A modern day heartwarming Christmas classic meets a modern day heartbreaking cultural tragedy when Saturday Night Live spoofed the iconic Love Actually scene where the guy from The Walking Dead with the sexy chunky sweater game (*googles*: Andrew Lincoln) confesses his love to Keira Knightley.

In the scene from the 2003 film that everyone is obsessed with—I myself cry annually along with Emma Thompson and Joni Mitchell—Mark shows up at the door of his recently married friend, Juliet, with a stack of white poster boards with his love letter written on it phrase by phrase. You know the scene. “Because it’s Christmas,” one reads, as he shrugs his shoulder, eventually inducing the nation into a mass swoon as, shivering in the cold, he reveals the clincher: “To me, you are perfect.”

It’s so goddamn charming. 


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