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Tim Ryan Dismisses the War on Christmas by the Left: It’s Not a ‘Major Issue’
‘I think that’s one issue that just tries to divide everybody up’

RYAN: "I say Merry Christmas."
HEGSETH: "Your party doesn’t."
RYAN: "If you’re Jewish I’m not going to tell you Merry Christmas, right? And if I don’t know what you are, I’m going to say happy holidays. I may say merry Christmas too to people. That to me is not a major issue. I say merry Christmas. A lot of Democrats say Merry Christmas. I think that’s one issue that just tries to divide everybody up. But the reality of it is." 
HEGSETH: "Or radical Islamic terrorism or other aspects of political correctness goes awry. Now you are saying extremist as opposed to calling the enemy what it is. Isn’t that a disconnect for people. 
RYAN: "It could be on some instances. I think most of all, regardless of what we’re talking about on those issues, if you are talking about bread and butter issues, people don’t really care about whether you’re bay or straight. They want to know how you are going to feed your family. Looking at people in Youngstown, Ohio how am I going to feed my family. Can I have a secure pension? Can I afford to send my kids to college."

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