'It Is Outrageous': Gohmert Fires Back at Boehner for Mocking GOP on Immigration

'I can see now why Dennis Miller liked the term "Tammy Faye Boehner"'

PAYNE: "To Republican congressman whether Boehner will see any backlash on this. Representative, there's a tremendous amount of infighting, publicly, behind closed doors within your party. But when you start to see this kind of stuff, it feels like -- Boehner got a lot of credit for pushing back on some of the intransigence within the party for beating back this certain loud voices in the party. Do you feel like perhaps he has taken this too far, at least in the public?"
GOHMERT: "Well, anybody that wants to declare war on the Tea Party, whether they walk it back or not, wants to have our party in the House walk away from the promises that were made, the pledge that he had us make, is going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory come next November. It is outrageous. I don't know of anyone in our party who has been saying basically, boo-hoo, oh no, it's too hard. Charles, the hard thing in Congress is to stand up against moneyed interests and say, no, we are going to follow the law, 60-plus-percent of Hispanics want us to secure the border. We were elected by our constituents to secure the border and to see that's done, and we're going to do that before we have any kind of immigration reform bill. And to have to stand up constantly to my own leadership, nobody I know -- including me -- is saying, it's too hard. It's not too hard to just go along and get along like the speaker wants us to do, and keep doing chummy deals with Harry Reid and the president like this speaker has done. What is tough is standing while all those about you are losing their heads. Of course, you know, to paraphrase Kipling, if all those about you are losing their head you're probably the reason they're losing their heads. That's a paraphrase."
PAYNE: "I want you to listen once again. I want to play the clip again because it's really hard to fathom. Let's take a listen to it one more time."

BOEHNER [CLIP]: "Here's the attitude. Oh, don't make me do this. Oh, this is too hard."

PAYNE: "Is there any way we can say this is tough love within the party, the leader, to your point, trying to usher in the troops and make them be smart about this?"
GOHMERT: "It is difficult, and I can see now maybe why Dennis Miller liked the 'Tammy Faye Boehner'. But that is not what anybody is saying. What is hard is standing up. Nobody is saying, oh, no, it's too hard to do an immigration bill. Are you kidding? We need an immigration reform bill but until the border is secured we'll do nothing but lure more people across our border into sex trafficking, into deserts, into possible loss of lives. We have to demand the border be secured. Then we'll do an immigration reform bill, and if our speaker pushes this issue through, if our majority leader, or majority whip, help in any way push something through, I think they can pretty well kiss any leadership because I'm telling you what, there are enough of us, if they do this, that will vote against anyone who takes this position. We may not elect a speaker but we can keep any of them from ever being speaker or -- in our lifetime."
PAYNE: "Well, the bottom line is, Speaker Boehner would not have that job if it were not for the Tea Party part of the proposal."
GOHMERT: "Thank you, Charles. Thank you for understanding that."
PAYNE: "Well it's pretty simple math. I appreciate your time. I just -- maybe you guys can sing kumbaya somewhere and get this together. The mid-terms are so important this time around that you can't fumble the ball at the one-yard line for sure. Thanks a lot sir."
GOHMERT: "Well, and Charles, when people say we want you guys running the same play, my answer is, when my quarterback calls a play to run to the wrong end zone, I'm not blocking for him."
PAYNE: "OK. Well at least tackle him before he gets there. We'll talk to you later."

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