Colbert: Putin Is Taking Care of Intelligence Briefings While Trump Meets Kanye

‘Maybe Putin can show Trump the ropes, you know’

COLBERT: "Speaking of chilly, Russia continues to make the news. There's another bombshell just found out today, another bombshell about Russia hacking our election. Senior intelligence officials now believe that Vladimir Putin was personally involved in our election hack. Kind of flattering he wanted to do it himself, don't you think? It's handcrafted -- it's an artisanal hack. You know, he cared enough, word is, word is that Putin himself gave the orders for when and how to release John Podesta's hacked emails and most sinister of all, he signed Podesta upped for Linkedin, that's not right. That's not right. At least one country out there has a hands-on leader. Maybe Putin can show Trump the ropes, you know. Don't worry, Donald, I will take care of intelligence briefings. You go meet with Kanye. You meet with Kanye. You say dasvidanya. Dasvidanya to Yeezy."

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