Allen West: If ObamaCare Is Working So Well, How Do You Explain Oregon?

'They don't want us to know the real information; There is no true definition of what "sign up" means'

PAYNE: "This is just nuts. They can't put together a web site, they got $300 million of our money, and now they get to do whatever they want with it?"
WEST: "Well, it's very interesting in that it was just a week ago on Thursday that President Obama came out and said, in an unannounced press conference, that we had 8 million people signed up and that the debate about ObamaCare was over, and that it is working. But if you look at Oregon, they have not had one person signed up. And you just talked about the $300 million there and now the federal government is going to have to take over and run the exchange. How much additional money -- how many more millions of dollars will that include? But it's not just what is happening in Oregon. We also see problems in Maryland, we have problems as well in Massachusetts. So the debate is not over. The real hard part for ObamaCare now is we're moving moving moving into the implementation phase but we still haven't been able to close out the the enrollment phase and all the faux pas there."
PAYNE: "It's really interesting, too -- speaking of the enrollment phase -- all the little sweet things, all of the bars that they set they have the been able to eclipse and be able to share that with use take the victory lap, but the things that are so critical they don't know. Even though if if order a book on Amazon right now, I'll get it tomorrow morning because they know they got paid. How come we don't know this information?"
WEST: "Well, that's part of the most transparent administration. I think it's because they don't want us to know the real information. There is no true definition of what 'sign up' means and when you go back and think about it -- not using Common Core math -- but they started off by saying they needed 7 million by the end of March to sign up. We know by the beginning of October because there were some insurance plans that were non -compliant, you had 5 - to 6 million Americans that were kicked off their plans. So that put them at a deficit of 12 - to 13 million. So of this 8 million that they're talking about, how many of those individuals individuals who got re-signed back up on their own insurance, and then how many of those on Medicaid?"
PAYNE: "You know, I know we talk billions and this could ultimately be a trillion dollar headache for this country, but getting back to the situation in Oregon and the money that u.s. taxpayers forked over, that  $300 million plus -- do we deserve to get the money back in can we get that money back, can we get that money back?"
WEST: "We absolutely deserve to get me money back but a that's part of the incompetence in Washington, D.C. and this federal government. You go back to March 2010 when ObamaCare was passed, and we were told it would only cost $940 billion. I think one of one of the great homework projects you can have on the business block, the Cost of Freedom on Saturday morning, is to look at where we are four years later with the cost of ObamaCare. Because I think it would be astonishing for the American people and taxpayers."
PAYNE: "Well I think you're not going to get any disagreement on that. Having said that, we're going into the mid-term elections. It still feels like Democrats are strong enough to run away from this. Is it still wise to say dismantle the whole thing, start all over again, or is it fixable?"
WEST: "Well I think the most important think is, number one, talk about the parts you can support. If parents want to kind their children on their insurance coverage until their 26, that's fine. We have to look at the solutions for the preexisting conditions. I would more so support the high-risk pool the federal government could establish, where we have to solve that. But let's look at the other 2,680 pages that are worthless. What we're talking about with ObamaCare is 159 new government agencies and bureaucracies, and 20 new taxes. That needs to be scrapped. That's not going to fix our health care system."
PAYNE: "Colonel West, have a great weekend. Thanks for talking with us."

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