Schieffer to Rick Santorum: Are We Going ‘Backwards’ on Guns?

‘Does it bother you ... that we`re going back to the days of the OK Corral and the Old West where everybody carried a gun?’

CBS’s Schieffer to Rick Santorum: Are We Going Backwards on Guns? (NewsBusters)

Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, April 27 and was bombarded with a variety of liberal questions from host Bob Schieffer. Santorum was on CBS to promote his newest book “Blue Collar Conservatives” and was immediately met with a barrage of questions about gun control, specifically the new gun rights law in Georgia.

Schieffer fretted over the new law and asked the Republican “I want to ask you about this gun law that they just passed down in Georgia, which, as I understand it, allows people to take guns into airports. Do you think that`s a good idea, Senator?”

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