Sean Spicer: Trump Team Has Been ‘Unbelievably Transparent’

‘We’ve been very clear since day one who’s on the transition, who’s on the landing team’


SPICER: "First of all, we have been unbelievably transparent. We literally brought the press into meetings. We've listed the kids and Jared on websites. We've been very clear since day one who's on the transition, who's on the landing team." 
CUOMO: "You're letting us know what you want us to know, and we appreciate it. What about what you're hiding. That's what news is. What you don't want us to see." 
SPICER: "No, no, because it's all about what you want. We've been unbelievably transparent. The American people are unbelievably supportive. So I get what you and some of the media want. But at the end of the day everything that is happening is happening -- you can see every single person go up and down Trump Tower. There's a camera, for goodness sake, that shows who's coming up and going down." 

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