Tucker Carlson Grills Activist: Your Response to the Nomination of Tillerson Seems Like a ‘Knee Jerk Response’

‘You really think Trump appointed him so he could increase the fortunes of the oil and gas business?’

CARLSON: "So, I think he is kind of a reasonable guy, environmentalist but sort of market oriented. And that seemed like a knee jerk response to the nomination of Rex Tillerson. Maybe more aimed at your donors in West L.A. than the rest of the country. You really think Trump appointed him so he could increase the fortunes of the oil and gas business?"
KRUPP: "Tucker, we should take a step back from Mr. Tillerson, the question is the entire slate of nominees from the president-elect."
CARLSON: "This was Mr. Tillerson you were referring, to I think."
KRUPP: "Yes. But is he part of a slate. I don’t object to having a business voice in the cabinet that makes a lot of sense. But when you look at the fact that it’s Mr. Perry who railroaded through -- fast tracked 13 permits to build coal fired power plants in Texas. When you look at the fact that Scott Pruitt head of EPA has also sided with the oil and gas industry and tried to rip down every air pollution safeguard ... That’s the issue. It’s a question of balance. This cabinet is way out of balance on these issues."

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