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Markey: Trump Is ‘Going After Science of Climate Change’; It’s Now a ‘Big Oil All Star Team’
‘Every single country has reached the conclusion that climate change is real, the planet is dangerously warming and that human activity is largely responsible for it’


MARKEY: "I don't think there's any question that that is meant to send a chilling effect through all of the science of the federal government for the coming era. If you look at it in the conjunction with the appointment of the head of ExxonMobil to be the Secretary of State, the attorney general from Oklahoma who wants to turn the EPA into every polluter's ally, and you look at Rick Perry, who wants to abolish the Department of Energy, you can see a pattern which is very clear, very obvious, that they are going after the science of climate change. It is now a big oil all-star team which is being put together and these questions that are going to the scientists of our federal government are really meant to say just get out of the way, there's a new team in town, it's the big oil all-stars."

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