Zinke: ‘Folly’ for MSM to Use Russian Hacking to ‘Delegitimize’ Trump

‘I sit on the House of Armed Services, emerging threats of cyber security is an issue’

DOOCY: "What do you make of all the news coverage on mainstream media? The legacy media is -- essentially it looks like to delegitimize or discredit the presidency of Donald Trump. 'Look, he’s president because the Russians helped him.'" 
ZINKE: "I think that’s folly. What’s the motive at the end of the day? But I do think we need to look at it overall. I sit on the House of Armed Services. Emerging threats of cyber security is an issue. We need to make sure we can deal with it. Right now what happens is when we get hacked, and whether it's our critical systems, it’s forensic." 

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