Joe Walsh: For Trump to Attack the Men and Women in the CIA Is ‘Almost Treasonous’

‘He ought to be ashamed of himself’

WALSH: "Because I think he’s acting like a third grader, Brooke. I think he believes —"
BALDWIN: "A third grader?"
WALSH: "Maybe a fourth grader. I don’t know. My kids are older."
BALDWIN: "This is the man you voted to be the president."
WALSH: "Yes. But I think — I don’t think he fully gets it, Brooke. This is — I mean, my God. We’re Americans!This is a foreign government got involved in our election. I mean, I agree with Michael Morrell. That’s like Russia attacked us. For Donald Trump to come out and attack our men and women in the CIA, I — that’s almost treasonous. Russia attacks us and Trump attacks  the CIA. Man, he ought to — he ought to be the one, Brooke, calling for an investigation like right now."

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