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Obama: Trump Will Soon Discover that Dismissing Climate Change Is Not an Option
‘What you can’t do is pretend they’re not problems’

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“They may change policy on climate change, but climate change is still climate change. It’s still happening. So if the oceans are still going up and, you know, some streets in Miami a mile or two from where the President-elect has a golf course are seeing flooding in the middle of sunny days, and it’s salt water coming up through the ground, that’s still going to have to be dealt with one way or another. On all of these issues, reality doesn’t go away. I’ve had several conversations with the President-elect in which I’ve said to him, 'Look, if you can find different approaches to deal with the problems, I don’t pretend that I was the repository of all wisdom. What you can do is pretend they’re not problems.' And I think every president comes in and discovers that, a) reality doesn’t go away and, b) the federal government is an aircraft carrier, it’s not a speedboat. Turning it is hard.”

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