Rep. Kinzinger: Dems Who Facilitated Russian Reset Now Say Russia Is Not Our Friend

‘They’re talking about how terrible Russia is and how Russia is not our friend’

KINZINGER: We want to find out if they did hack. There needs to be repercussions against them if they did. What's interesting in the montage leading to this is all of these folks on the left, they're now somehow aghast by -- they're talking about how terrible Russia is and how Russia is not our friend -- are the same people that had this Russian reset under President Obama. That gave Syria to Russia. That gave Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and Georgia to Russia. People look at this and say why we hit an alternate universe. So, I think we need to know if there was hacking. There needs to be -- I guess punishment against the Russians if in fact they did. But that doesn't undermine the legitimacy of the fact that Donald Trump was elected president by a big majority of people."

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