Schiff: ‘We Will See More Russian Meddling, Because It Paid off’ in the Election

‘The Russians have not paid a price for this kind of hacking’

SCHIFF: "And again, Andrea, part of the reason why they were so successful in this active measures campaign is you had the unique specter of one of the presidential candidates effectively giving the Russians cover by denying the Russians were doing this; oddly enough inviting them to publicly asking them to hack his opponent’s e-mails, and at the same time denying they were involved. This is going to continue. Unless we more publicly acknowledge and demonstrate what the Russians did, unless we sanction them and take further steps to deter them, some open, some clandestine, we will see a lot more Russian meddling because it really paid off here. And I don't think you can put too much emphasis on the need to deter the Russians. There are obviously a lot of other intelligence priorities: North Korea, Iran, ISIS foremost among them, but we can do all this at the same time and we have to do all of this at same time."

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