Huckabee: Obama’s the Only Person Who Can Watch a ‘50s Western and Not Know Who Are the Good Guys

‘There are good guys and bad guys in the Middle East and he doesn’t seem to know the difference’


HUCKABEE: "Well, for one thing he can be very clear that he is not going to tolerate the continued military buildup of Hezbollah and Hamas. And we got Hezbollah directly to the north of Israel able to fire missiles and hit Israel within minutes. There is no margin of error for the Israelis. This is what a lot of people don’t understand. And with Hamas down in the south and then Syria over to the northeast, they’re surrounded by mortal enemies who would love to destroy them. And those enemies aren't hours away from an attack, they are minutes. And so, when the prime minister of Israel or of the nation of Israel expresses concern that we have rewarded the Iranians for bad behavior, which is what we've done -- it's like giving cookies to the worst kid in the neighborhood and telling the good kids that they're not going to get any milk today. This is defying common sense as well as statecraft. And so, I have to believe that if Donald Trump just shows up and recognizes the difference between good and evil, Israel is in a better place, and frankly so is the rest of the world. I've often said Eric, that Obama is the only person I know who could watch a ‘50s style western and he still wouldn’t be able to tell who the good guys and bad guys are. There are good guys, there are bad guys in the Middle East and he doesn’t seem to know the difference."

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