Allen West: Obama Shouldn’t Seek to Undermine the President-Elect

‘We should not have a president who is on his way out, seeking to undermine the president-elect’

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WEST: "Well, one of the things we need to understand is it was President Obama along with Hillary Clinton that came up with the Russian reset button. It was President Obama in an off-mic moment with then Russian President Medvedev who talked about how he would have more flexibility after his reelection. And it's Hillary Clinton that through the Clinton Foundation was cutting uranium deals with the Russians all for the benefit and the profit of the Clinton Foundation. Why are we looking at these things? This is all about undermining the election we had. And just the same as I said, the score for the Army-Navy game was Army 21, Navy 17. It was a hard fought game. But you know what, it's over now, just the same with this election. So, we should not have a president on his way out seeking to undermine the president-elect."

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