Sanders on Trump Cabinet: ‘What Concerns Me Very Much’ Are the ‘Billionaires’

‘What concerns me very much is it looks like we have a cabinet of billionaires’

SANDERS: "Right now, what concerns me very much is it looks like we have a cabinet of billionaires, I guess they have a few poor millionaires on it but mostly it is billionaires, and this is coming from a candidate for president, Mr. Trump who told us he was going to take on the establishment, well, maybe I am not seeing something here but if you don't appoint the head of Exxon Mobil to be secretary of state, that is not quite taking on the establishment. You don't appoint a cabinet of billionaires to take on the establishment. So we will see how the hearings proceed, but I think there are a lot of very important questions that will have to be asked of these companies."


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