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Geraldo: John Glenn Was a ‘Wonderful Hero’
‘He had already auditioned heaven’

RIVERA: "He was 25 years in the U.S. Senate, almost 24. He'd already auditioned heaven. He had already been up there and what a wonderful hero. I interviewed him a couple of times over the years. Once I interviewed him about the Challenger disaster and whether or not they should have had ejection seats. He gave me a really heartfelt answer about that. You just think 'Why didn't they have a way out?' He said about weight, the weight of the aircraft and there were other considerations. Interviewed him also about how we're doing nuclear conferences and including countries like Iraq at the time still ruled by Saddam Hussein and our civilian atomic energy conferences and symposiums and they were getting our secrets from these civilian kinds of get-togethers. My in-laws are all from Ohio. He's a legend and icon there. A great American and sorely missed. From my point of view, at my age, what I remember most is when he jumped out of the airplane and went into space in his late 70s. 77 years old."

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