Chuck Todd Pushes Caroline Kennedy Relentlessly on Political Ambitions, Hillary

‘One thing that was clear is that she is not the political animal, I think, that some other members of the Kennedy family are’

TODD: "Now, when you sit down with a Kennedy, you can't help but talk a little bit of politics. We got into a couple of things, one, whether she's going to -- if this has wetted her appetite to get back into pursuing elected office herself, she dabbled a bit in 2009. And of course we talked a little bit about Hillary Clinton. Take a listen. Would you ever consider running again after this experience?"
KENNEDY: "Well first of all, I wouldn't consider running in japan, no. I doubt that I would ever run in the United States either."
TODD: "You pretty much don't want to do that?"
KENNEDY: "Well I don't know what I want to do. I just got here. But I doubt it."
TODD: "Did the experience in New York turn you off?"
KENNEDY: "No. I mean, I think the issues are really important, the question is what's the best way to work on them and advance the goals? I'm committed to education. I think, as I said, this is a big world. When I finish here and this is over, then I'll look and see. This is not something I ever expected to be doing but I'm learning a tremendous amount and in our lives each thing we do leads us to think about what to do next and I'm very fortunate that I'm here right now. And my kids are grown so this is a job that I can really do 24 hours a day and so it's been great."
TODD: "Can you foresee yourself supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016 if she chooses to run?"
KENNEDY: "Can I foresee myself? Sure."
TODD: "Would you like to see her run? Would you like to see her run again?"
 KENNEDY: "I'd like to see her run. If that's what she wants to do, I think she would be great."
TODD: "Because the last time you didn't support her. That's why I was curious if this time would you."
KENNEDY: "Yeah, I just said that. That's great. I think that would be great I think that would be great."

TODD: "I can tell you one thing that was clear is she is not the political animal that I think that some other members of the Kennedy family are. I mean, whether -- she was hesitant to dabble into politics before. And I'll be honest, Kristen, she struck me as somebody who may not be as engaged in campaign politics going forward as she was in that short period of time in 2008 and 2009."
WELKER: "Well we will have to watch her and hold on to that clip, she says she doubts she'll run again. Certainly fascinating stuff."

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