Trump: The American People Will Be in Charge and the Captain of His Own Destiny

‘Your voice, your desires, your hopes and aspirations will never again fall on deaf ears’

TRUMP: "So like a month ago I said, drain the swamp, the place went crazy. Then I said it again, then I said it like I meant it. And then I said it, I started loving it. Let's drain the swamp, and it is true. Drain the swamp. I will oppose a five-year ban on the executive branch official becoming lobbyists and the lifetime ban on officials becoming lobbyists for a foreign government. Can't do it, can't do it. Not going to help. We have faced many challenges, but this is truly an exciting time to be alive. The script is not yet written. We do not know what the page will read tomorrow, but for the first time in a long time, what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each and every one of you. You, the American people, will be in charge. Your voice, your desires, your hopes and aspirations will never again fall on deaf ears. He will be the captain of your own destiny. That is what happened during this election. People came down, and people came out, great Americans, they love the country or than anyone, but they have not voted in 20 or 30 years, some of them have never voted at all. They came and stood in line for four hours and five hours, and all of these geniuses said, where did these people come from ? Where did they come from? Oh, where did they come from? Where, where, where?"

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