Rep. Schiff: With Pruit, We’re ‘Giving up’ Leadership on Environmental Issues

‘He is about as toxic a nominee as you can get’

SCHIFF: "This is the kind of appointment you make when you not only want to radically change policy but you want to poke people in the eye while you do it. This was I think a terrible choice, to put a climate denier in this position. It basically tells not only the country but the rest of the world, we are giving up our leadership on this issue. We're giving up our leadership, diminishing our standing in the world when it comes to advocating for the planet, combatting climate change. It's another peg down, I think, in our global standing. And it -- it worries me terribly. This person could end up presiding over the dismantlement of one of our key agencies and a protector of the environment."

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